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LoL Builder Premium Package(April 2017)

LoL Builder Premium Package

No matter how bad your team is or how awful you think they are, you can't rely on them to win more or to climb the ladder. If you're one of the players that relies on your team to win games, YOU'RE THE PROBLEM! ...

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Product Name Lol Builder Package
Product Description The Lol Builder Package Is A Recurring Membership Product That Offers 60% Commission To Affiliates. This Is The Highest Payout Lol Related Product Containing Both An Informational Product And Windows Application.
Popularity Rank 1
Gravity 3
Percent Per Sale 60%
Percent Per Rebill 60%
Average Earnings PerSale $63
Initial Earnings Per Sale $5
Total Rebill Amt $58
Referred 82
Commission 60%
Activate Date 0/0/0
Category GAMES : General : Lol Builder Package
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